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How to Find Jobs in Germany from India in 2024: Top 15 Websites

Finding a job in Germany from India in 2024 is an exciting opportunity, especially with the new Chancenkarte (Opportunity Card) easing the process for skilled workers. Here are 15 essential websites to help you secure a job in Germany.

Visit the official Chancenkarte website for information on Germany's new points-based immigration system, eligibility, documentation, and application procedures.

2. Nikhilesh Dhure's Blog

Follow Nikhilesh Dhure's blog for expert advice on navigating the German job market, with practical tips and strategies tailored for Indian professionals.

3. LinkedIn

Utilize LinkedIn for networking and job searching. Join German job market groups, connect with recruiters, and keep your profile updated to showcase relevant skills and experience.

4. Indeed Germany

Indeed Germany aggregates job listings from various sources. Use filters to find jobs matching your qualifications and set up job alerts for new opportunities.

5. StepStone

StepStone is a leading job portal in Germany, offering diverse job listings and resources like resume tips and career advice.


XING is a popular professional networking site in Germany. Create a detailed profile, network with potential employers, and explore job listings and industry insights.

7. Glassdoor

Glassdoor provides job listings and company reviews, helping you understand potential employers' work environments before applying.

8. Monster Germany

Monster Germany offers a comprehensive job search engine, resume services, and interview tips, catering specifically to the German market.

9. Make it in Germany

This government initiative attracts international skilled workers. The portal offers job opportunities, visa process details, and information on living in Germany.


EURES helps job seekers find employment in Europe, including Germany. It provides job listings, career advice, and networking opportunities. offers a variety of job listings and allows you to upload your resume for potential employers to find.

12. Jobware

Jobware specializes in high-quality job listings in Germany, offering advanced search options and job alerts tailored to your profile.

13. Arbeitsagentur

The Federal Employment Agency (Arbeitsagentur) is Germany’s largest provider of labor market services, listing job opportunities and vocational training resources.

14. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs for Germany helps you find job openings, apply online, and network with industry professionals. Tailor your profile to appeal to German employers.

15. Tech Jobs Fair

Tech Jobs Fair connects job seekers with tech companies through virtual fairs, offering direct interaction with German employers.

Tips for Applying

- Tailor Your Resume: Create a detailed German-style resume (Lebenslauf) including personal information, work experience, education, skills, and references.

- Learn German: Knowing German can significantly enhance your job prospects, even if many companies operate in English.

- Network: Leverage online platforms and local events to build professional connections that may lead to job opportunities.

- Research Companies: Understand the companies you are applying to, their culture, and the job market in your field.

- Be Persistent: Job hunting can be challenging, but persistence and continuous improvement of your application materials will pay off.

Using these websites and following these tips will boost your chances of securing a job in Germany from India in 2024. Good luck!

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