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Eligibility Criteria for the Opportunity Card: Who Can Apply?


Interested in applying for Germany's Opportunity Card? This post will break down the eligibility criteria, helping you determine if you qualify.

Basic Requirements:

- Valid passport

- Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself

- Health insurance coverage

Points-Based Criteria:

Applicants are assessed based on a points system, with points awarded for factors such as:

- Educational qualifications

- Work experience

- Language skills

- Age

Educational Qualifications:

A recognized degree or professional qualification in a high-demand field can significantly increase your chances.

Work Experience:

Relevant work experience, especially in industries facing labor shortages, is crucial.

Language Skills:

Proficiency in German or English can enhance your application.


Younger applicants may receive more points, reflecting their potential longer contribution to the workforce.


Meeting the eligibility criteria is the first step towards obtaining the Chancenkarte. Assess your qualifications and start preparing your application today.

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