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A Complete Guide to the EU Blue Card for Germany

Germany is a top destination for skilled professionals seeking career opportunities in Europe. The EU Blue Card is a special residence permit designed to facilitate this process for foreign academics and professionals with comparable qualifications. If you're planning to work in Germany, here’s a detailed overview of the EU Blue Card requirements and how to apply.

What is the EU Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card, governed by Section 18g of the Residence Act (AufenthG), is a residence permit aimed at highly qualified professionals from non-EU countries. It simplifies the process of entering and staying in Germany for employment purposes, attracting skilled talent to fill various job vacancies.

Do You Need a Visa?

Before applying for the EU Blue Card, you need to check if you require a visa to enter Germany. Visa requirements vary based on your nationality. For specific information, visit the "Do I need a visa?" section on the website.

Eligibility Criteria for the EU Blue Card

To qualify for the EU Blue Card, applicants must meet several criteria:

1. **Educational Qualifications**:

- **German or Equivalent Foreign Degree**: Applicants must possess a German degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a German one.

- **Non-Traditional Degrees**: If you don't have a traditional university degree, you must demonstrate a tertiary-level qualification lasting at least three years. This qualification must correspond to level 6 of the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 2011) or the European Qualifications Framework. Examples include “Master craftsman training / Master craftswoman training” and professional qualifications in educator professions. For more details on degree recognition, visit the "Recognition" section on

2. **Job Offer**:

- **Specific Job Offer**: A specific job offer from a German company is required.

- **Job Relevance and Duration**: The job must last at least six months and match your qualifications. For regulated professions, any required licenses must be obtained or in process at the time of application.

- **Salary Requirements**:

- For general professions, a minimum gross annual salary of €45,300 (as of 2024) is required.

- For bottleneck professions, a lower salary threshold of €41,041.80 (as of 2024) applies if the Federal Employment Agency (BA) approves the employment.

Bottleneck Professions

Germany identifies certain professions as bottleneck professions due to a high demand for skilled workers. These include:

- Manufacturing, mining, construction, and distribution managers

- Information and communications technology service managers

- Professional services managers (e.g., childcare, health services, education managers)

- Academic STEM professionals

- Academic professionals in architecture, spatial planning, and transport planning

- Medical doctors

- Veterinarians

- Dentists

- Pharmacists

- Academic and comparable nursing and midwifery professionals

- School and out-of-school teachers and educators

Application Process

1. **Verify Degree Recognition**: Ensure your foreign degree is recognized in Germany.

2. **Secure a Job Offer**: Obtain a job offer that meets the necessary criteria.

3. **Prepare Your Documentation**: Gather all required documents, including degree certificates, the job offer letter, and proof of salary.

4. **Apply for a Visa**: If necessary, apply for a visa to enter Germany.

5. **Submit Your EU Blue Card Application**: Upon arrival in Germany, submit your EU Blue Card application at the local immigration office.


The EU Blue Card offers a valuable pathway for non-EU professionals to work and live in Germany. By fulfilling the educational and employment requirements, you can leverage this opportunity to advance your career in one of Europe’s leading economies. Ensure you have all the necessary documents, a valid job offer, a compelling CV, and a well-crafted cover letter to streamline your application process.

For more information and guidance on the application process, visit This platform provides resources and assistance to help you navigate the journey of securing an EU Blue Card and starting your career in Germany.

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