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How to Get Permanent Residence in Germany

Permanent Residence Permit (General)

You can get a permanent residence permit in Germany if you meet different requirements based on your situation:

- Recognized asylum seekers and refugees

- Foreign graduates of German universities

- Family members of German citizens

- Skilled workers and EU Blue Card holders

- Children over 16

- Self-employed people


- Residence Permit for 5 Years: You must have had a residence permit for 5 years. This can be for:

- Living with a foreign family member

- Working

- Independent or freelance work

- Humanitarian reasons

If your permit is for humanitarian reasons, time spent in asylum processes may count. Time with only a suspension of deportation does not count.

- German Language Skills: You need to know German at B1 level. If you had a residence permit or authorization on 12/31/2004, A1 level is enough.

- Knowledge of German Society: Basic understanding of German laws, social systems, and living conditions.

- Financial Stability: You must support yourself without social assistance. Your spouse or partner can help prove this if you live together.

- Pension Contributions: You need to show that you've paid into the German Pension Fund for at least 60 months or have similar benefits from another source. Your spouse or partner can also provide this proof.

- Health Insurance: You need adequate health insurance for yourself and family members. Statutory health insurance is acceptable. For private insurance, it must be sufficient.

- No Criminal Record: Any criminal record, including fines, can prevent getting the permit.

- Main Residence in Berlin

Documents Needed:

- Application: Submit a written application with copies of required documents.

- Valid Passport

- Biometric Photo: 35mm x 45mm, neutral expression, closed mouth, light background.

- Proof of Income: Can be provided by spouse or partner. For employees: employment contract, recent employer certificate, salary statements for 6 months, pension insurance certificate. For freelancers/self-employed: audit report, tax notice. For pensioners: pension entitlement notice. For those with disability: pension notice or medical certificate.

- Health Insurance: Confirmation from provider or policy and proof of payments.

- Housing Proof: Lease or proof of home ownership and rent or housing costs.

- Integration Course Certificates (if available): Certificates of course participation and final test results.

- Pension Proof: Pension information notice or similar benefits proof from another institution.

- Proof of Other Benefits: Child benefit, parental benefit, care benefit, etc.

- Proof of Main Residence in Berlin: Registration certificate or rental agreement and confirmation from the landlord.

Make sure you have all these documents and meet the requirements to apply for permanent residence in Germany.

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